Everything about goat colostrum Colostrino

What actually the colostrum is?

The biological gold, super substance or even magical milk — such names scientists have given to colostrum. This precious substance, also known as the pre-milk or the first form of milk, is produced by mammals immediately a few hours after the baby was born. Being the primary nutrient for babies, it launches the immune system, providing it with antibodies against viruses and bacteria, and promotes muscle’s development. Goat colostrum is most similar to the human one, so it has a wholesome effect on our organism.

Goat colostrum contains all necessary substances for performing the function of an organism properly:


(IgG, IgM, IgA)
They are the most precious substances that are contained in colostrum. Their lead role is to support the immune system by tying antibodies and prevent pathogens from entering the cells in an organism and damaging them.


They keep the immune system in balance and stimulate it if it does not work sufficiently or even moderate its excessive answer.


They affect metabolism positively, support the immune system and organism to produce more of their immunoglobulins. They help grow and recover cells.


It is known as one of the most important antivirus and antibacterial substances in an organism. Lactoferrin binds the iron and such stop bacterium increasing. Then the iron is shifted to the red blood cells.


A group of cytokines in colostrum arrange the communication between immune cells, so they can fight against pathogen and growing oncology cells. It supports the protecting answer of an organism.


Amino acids serve many crucial functions in the body. They are the building blocks of proteins, aid growth and regeneration, boost metabolism, and protect the body from many poisonous substances (toxins).


(especially A, C, E, and group B vitamins)
Vitamins are indispensable for the body as catalysts of biochemical reactions. If the body does not have enough vitamins, it fails to function correctly, which can lead to serious diseases.


(Ca, P, K)
Being the building blocks of bones and teeth, they control body balance as well as the activity of the heart and digestive system. They regulate metabolism and the optimal functioning of nerves and muscles.

We do our best

For the best effectiveness of Colostrino products, we take care of our
colostrum in every step of production.


To keep its precious substances in our legendary goat colostrum, it is processed by freeze-drying, i. e. lyophilisation.


First of all, we think of the ones that the colostrum is meant for. Therefore we produce Colostrino from spare mother milk which baby goats do not drink up.


The goats are bred in the best conditions in the Slovak and Czech farms, so we get high-quality colostrum.