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Goat Colostrum Capsules

To everyone who wants to support their health — need to boost immunity or regenerate the body — here is the nutritional supplement with 100% goat colostrum. A very precious substance whose chief role is to support the immune system, to provide the organism with an antibody against viruses and bacteria and with essential nutrients boosting healthy development and regenerating the muscles.

This nutritional supplement is suitable for everybody, adults and children above 3 y.o., who looks for universal health support. It keeps the natural immune system active, regenerate organism and support healthy digestion.

100% Goat Colostrum
100% Natural, Gluten Free
Gentle Processing of Lyophilization
GMO, Hormones & Antibiotics Free
Suitable as Prevention & Supporting Treatment

Package: 30 capsules/10 capsules
One capsule: 100% goat colostrum 100 mg
Capsule Coat: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and colourant titanic oxide
Take 1 – 2 capsules in the morning and evening just before the meal. Wash it down with water.
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Try the legendary
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Goat colostrum provides you with precious immunoglobulins and other necessary substances which support the immune system when fighting against viruses and bacterium. You may use it in the supportive treatment of illnesses such as cold, flu, bronchitis or pneumonia. It is recommended as a supplement when taking antibiotics, or even when having digestive problems. Goat colostrum also helps to speed up recovery after surgery, injury and burns or even after oncology treatment.


You cannot miss its recovery effect in combination with regular training. Take advantage of the ability to regenerate with high-quality proteins and amino acids that boost your performance and muscle growth. Colostrino will be your first choice when you need to restart after physical and muscle fatigue.


Fight against stress impact with goat colostrum by your side. When using regularly, it may stimulate healthy digestion, support the therapy of diarrhoea or decrease colic symptoms.