Try goat colostrum
for both young and old.

Treat yourself to a new surge of energy.

Protein bar with goat colostrum

For all those who are in one cycle all day and need to supply energy during a demanding day. Also for those who want to maintain high performance during demanding training.

A delicious combination of coconut, almonds and caramel enriched with goat colostrum. Thanks to the high proportion of high-quality milk proteins, it will give you the necessary energy, satiate you and take care of muscle regeneration and growth. Goat colostrum will support your health and strengthen your immunity.

Thanks to its great taste, even children will like it. The best healthy snack for traveling, to work or school, during the day.

regenerates and strengthens immunity

Protein bar with goat colostrum and with coconut, almonds and caramel. With a high protein content of 32%
Weight: 50 g


3 reasons why he is a goat
colostrum as well


Goat colostrum provides you with precious immunoglobulins and other necessary substances which support the immune system when fighting against viruses and bacterium. You may use it in the supportive treatment of illnesses such as cold, flu, bronchitis or pneumonia. It is recommended as a supplement when taking antibiotics, or even when having digestive problems. Goat colostrum also helps to speed up recovery after surgery, injury and burns or even after oncology treatment.


You cannot miss its recovery effect in combination with regular training. Take advantage of the ability to regenerate with high-quality proteins and amino acids that boost your performance and muscle growth. Colostrino will be your first choice when you need to restart after physical and muscle fatigue.


Fight against stress impact with goat colostrum by your side. When using regularly, it may stimulate healthy digestion, support the therapy of diarrhoea or decrease colic symptoms.